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50 Fruits

In the summer of 2016 we celebrated our 50th anniversary as Riviera UMC!  As part of that celebration, we got to thinking... how can we help spread the joy that we are experiencing outside the walls of our church?  With that we birthed the idea of "50 fruits"!  The Bible tells us that Jesus is the vine and we are the branches, and when we stay connected to Jesus, we bear fruit.  That fruit is seen in the way that we serve others, love others, live out our calling, and put the gospel into action.  

So this next year, from June 2016 through the end of May 2017, we are going to try and highlight a different person or group of people at Riviera being fruitful in our community each week, with a goal of 50 different stories at the end of the year.  We want to share these stories, not to make ourselves look good, but so we can encourage one another and celebrate the ways that God is working in and through us.

Have you been fruitful, or do you know someone who has?  Do you have an idea, but you aren't sure how to make it a reality?  Do you feel a calling, but you aren't sure where to plug in?  Share with us below!  

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(no, not a strawberry! An idea, or a plan, or something that is already happening where you or someone from Riviera is showing God's love in our community)