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Thank you for registering for our Women’s Ministry Event: Lessons from Biblical Bad Girls! We are getting so excited as the date approaches, and all the pieces are coming together. Please take a moment and fill out this form to register for your workshops. (If you registered tickets for more than one person, please fill this form out for each person. We will be making name tags from this form).

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Workshop Descriptions

Sarah and Hagar: The Pitfalls of Jealousy (led by Sue Eidschun and Amy Russell)
What happens when we become impatient with God’s timing, and jealous of what those around us have? Find out how can we live in harmony and hope in our current reality. [THIS WORKSHOP IS FULL, PLEASE CHOOSE ANOTHER]

Tamar: When is it ok to break the rules? (led by Pastor Becky Rokitowski)
Do the ends ever justify the means? Women have been in a long, ongoing battle for equal rights and value in the world. Find out how you can help fight for justice in your community and around the world.

Bathsheba: When choices are taken away (led by Tracy Newman and Kate Thompson)
Sometimes life happens to us, and we are powerless to do anything. Find out how to endure through difficult circumstances, and allow God’s grace to wash over you.

Rahab: Your past does not define you (led by Heather Bunce)
No matter what you have done, or what has happened in your past, God can bring transformation and purpose. There is no one that is too far gone. Find out how God makes all things new and how to begin again.

Mary Magdalene: Just go for it! (led by Ann Orchard and Elli Karges)
How do we follow Jesus relentlessly when the world pushes back? What does it look like to be all-in? Find out how to become a passionate, spirit-filled, disciple of Jesus Christ.