A Partnership in Prayer

A picture from our sister church in Babujales, Cuba during a time in worship when the children come to the front.

A picture from our sister church in Babujales, Cuba during a time in worship when the children come to the front.

In the Sunday morning small group, we have been learning about how sometimes, if we are not careful, we can do more harm than good in our mission work with the poor.  This is particularly true if we do not understand that we all come from a place of brokenness.  We are not the saviors of the world - Jesus is.  As we discussed on Sunday, we are all in need - in need of one another, and in need of God.   

Our relationship with Babujales is first and foremost a partnership in prayer.  We pray for one another regularly.  They pray for us, and we pray for them.  I text and pray with Pastor Pavel. We pray for each other, for our families and our ministry.  We give encouragement to one another, because we need it.  Pavel also does this with other members of our Cuba Ministry Team, and some team members do this with other people they met and formed relationships with in Cuba. 

Sometimes when I talk to people about our relationship with Babujales, and the trips we go on to visit them, I am met with confusion.  "But what project are you going down there to do?"  We are not building anything.  The time we spend there is not about doing, but about BEING.  And it is the most important project we do.  For Babujales, a little village of a couple dozen houses in the middle of a sugar cane field on an island in the Caribbean... being KNOWN is important.  It gives them confidence knowing there are others who care for them and would notice if something happened to them.  We relay information, and bring needed supplies that are often out of stock or unobtainable for them.  We help connect them to the body of Christ beyond their setting. 

For us, being in relationship with them grounds us in the reality of what is truly necessary to live.  We need our eyes opened and our world shaken to see the brokenness in our patterns of consumerism and relentless schedules that keep us busy... because neither things, nor busyness, are what life is all about. 

Our partnership is something that we both need.  Because first and foremost we are neither Cuban or American, but children of God and citizens of the Kingdom of God.

This Sunday we will have our Cuba Cafe (please see the link below to pre-order food).  We are collecting many supplies for our team to take with them when they leave February 14th; mainly over the counter medications.  Please be in prayer for our team and for the church in Babujales.  Pray that this trip would be encouraging and uplifting for everyone.  Pray for the Cuban government and its leaders, that they would truly value the citizens and eliminate corruption or practices that are not in line with God's will.  Pray for God's provision and safe-keeping, for healing and peace, and for an outpouring of God's Spirit.  Here, in Cuba, and throughout the world.  Amen.

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