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*Note: Riviera’s Small Groups typically break for the Summer and will restart in late-August. Some groups do continue to meet. Please contact the Church office to check which groups are meeting during the summer.

We believe an important step in growing as a follower of Christ is to participate in a small-group.  In these groups, we pray for each other, share our lives, and learn more about God through Bible study.  Below are the adult classes currently offered.  Our Small groups typically run through the school year and take off for the summer, but some are year round.  Contact Riviera UMC for questions about small groups.

  • Monday Night Study led by Reggie Shouse 

    Book based study group. 

    Studies books typically 6 to 8 weeks long. 

    Current Book: Restored by Bishop Tom Berlin

    Mondays at 6:30 PM in the conference room. 

    Open to all 

    Currently meeting.


  • Rejoicers led by Kristin Downey 

    Meets on Thursday afternoons at the church 

    rear of the fellowship hall. 

    Primarily focused on the older members of the church, 

    but anyone will be welcomed. 

    Bible study themed and prayer. 


  • Women's Group led by Ann Orchard 

    A variety of ages. 

    Follows the Pinellas County School Board calendar, so if school is out they do not meet. Zoom capable. 

    Studies are currently using resources from RightNow media. 


  • Riviera Book Club led by Paula Miklos. 

    Currently meets on the playground (bring a chair and many bring their coffee/breakfast) year around, generally on the 2nd Saturday of each month. Women of all ages and stages gather to chat about our assigned book (various genres - faith based, historical fiction, current topics of interest, devotional, etc.).

      Very relaxed, welcoming and friendly atmosphere of discussion and great fellowship! 

  • Sunday Night Bible Study and Faith Formation 

    organized by David Holton 

    General study of the Bible 

    Short discussion of spiritual practices and disciplines 

    Those who want to share can do so. 

    Currently working through Acts For Everyone Part 1 by Bishop NT Wright usually includes video by Bishop Wright. 

    Other commentaries of Acts are welcome. 

    Open to anyone 

    Join any time. 

    Remote attendance available via Google Meet

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